Does your Durban swimming pool have a leak? Here are a few quick tests to find out.

Installing a swimming pool is an investment in your lifestyle, family time and your property’s value. The rewards are many and can last a lifetime especially if you live in Durban where the sun always shines and the kids always want to swim.

Protecting this investment means that you have to ensure proper routine maintenance and repair needs are met. One of the more common issues faced by Durban home owners is swimming pool leaks, which, if not detected in time, can be an expensive fix. Fortunately there are a few ways to find a leak in your swimming pool if you suspect there is one.

There are many factors that result in your pool losing water: evaporation, splash-outs as well as losing water due to backwash. How then do you tell whether there is a proper leak in your swimming pool or if the water loss is just down to everyday use? Two helpful questions to ask here are: How often in a week have you had to add water to the pool? And, how much water have you had to fill? If this amount adds up to more than 50mm or 2 inches per week then chances are that there is a leak in your pool system.

Causes of swimming pool leaks and how to spot them

Leaks can be a result of sealants wearing off, faulty fittings or other plumbing issues. Some of the simpler and quick ways to detect a leak in a swimming pool include:

• Look around the surface area for signs of underground leakage.
• Inspect the structural shell of the pool including cracks in plaster or vinyl tears and look closely at the tile lines and skimmer.
• Inspect the filter and pump as well as pool heater and all connecting valves.

Finding a leak can be a complicated process which is why it is best to turn to professional services. Trained technicians know exactly what to look for. Having a reputable and professional pool repair service provider to assist you with your swimming pool leak repairs can save you a lot of time and needless stress. You have peace of mind that the correct repairs have been performed with reliable parts and consumables used to provide you and your family with many more hours of long lasting fun.

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