Why Invest In a Salt Chlorinator?

There is often a debate about which chlorination treatment is better for a swimming pool: using traditional chlorine or choosing to use salt chlorination. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using salt chlorination and why to invest in a salt chlorinator for your swimming pool.

Cost Effective

Using salt chlorination is a cost effective option, compared to traditional chlorine. The price of salt is relatively cheap as opposed to regular chlorine and although a saltwater pool may sound more expensive to have, it will soon start to pay for itself in the long run. Especially since little salt is required to sustain the concentration every year.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the best benefits of a salt water pool is that it requires minimal maintenance. These pools almost clean themselves, making a salt chlorinator a great option to consider. You can simply conduct a regular pH test and there is no need for additional sanitizers if the levels are constant.

No Harsh Chemicals

There is still chlorine present in a salt water pool, but the levels are significantly lower than pools that use traditional chlorine. You don’t have to handle harsh chemicals, nor work with anything toxic. Caring for your swimming pool becomes more environmentally friendly too, which is why many swimming pool owners choose to convert their current system to a saltwater one.

Health Benefits

 It’s a well-known fact that swimming in a saltwater pool is much healthier to do, compared to chlorine treated pools. Salt water is softer on your skin, hair and eyes. This will reduce the irritation that swimmers often feel when they swim in water treated with high levels of chlorine. It’s much more comfortable to swim in water that does not have high chlorine levels, so it’s more enjoyable for swimmers.

A Salt Chlorinator is Versatile

Installing a salt chlorinator is relatively easy to do and it’s a very versatile system. You can work with a professional pool company in Durban to assist you with this, and convert your pool to a saltwater system. Whether you have a small Jacuzzi at home, or a large swimming pool for professional swimmers, converting to a salt water system is always a huge benefit.

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