Keep Your Swimming Pool Ready All Summer Long By Maintaining and Cleaning Your Pool Filter

There’s nothing like a Durban summer; with its sunny skies, braais and more public holidays than days in the week (or so it sometimes seems)! The last thing you want to do is spend this downtime trying to sort your swimming pool out because you’ve failed to regularly maintain it the rest of the year with a pool filter or pump. And no swimming pool means having to brave the crowds at the public beaches, searching for parking and dealing with sticky, sulky children who’d rather be splashing about outside.

Thankfully, pool maintenance is easier than it seems. If you have the right setup, much of the work will already be done by the unsung hero of clean swimming pools all across Durban – the humble pool filter. All that is required of you is to replace the filter cartridge regularly and ensure good swimming pool chlorine and chemical habits are maintained.

Chlorine and other additives are responsible for keeping pool water clean and germ free. As for floating debris and dirt, you need a good filter – and if you have one you’ll only need to replace it every other year. For maintenance, remember to clean your skimmer and pump baskets regularly to keep your filtration system working properly.

Unfortunately, there will still be debris and dirt that settles on the bottom of the pool and needs to be cleaned out using a specialised pool cleaner or manual cleaning mechanism. This is a task that many households find challenging as it involves more physical exertion and time than changing a filter pump or adding chlorine.

Thankfully you won’t have to spend all your time off doing this as there are experts who can do it for you, all in one go. Ever heard of a Pool Valet Service? It’s something that we offer at Pool Concepts, and it involves us coming to your pool and doing all the emptying, backwashing, rinsing, brushing and manual vacuuming for you – and we’ll even test your water and fit and replace any necessary parts.

Don’t wait for your swimming pool to get out of commission before giving it a once over.