Find Out How You Can Keep Your Pool Clean Throughout The Year!

One of the great things about living in KwaZulu-Natal is that we probably have the best winter weather in the country. This also means that if you live in the province, and have a pool, you’re much more likely to keep it open year-round.

What’s even better, is that there are advantages to keeping your pool open throughout the year. It helps to preserve the condition of your pumps and motors, seeing as bacteria and other nasty visitors don’t get a chance to settle in them. It’s also much easier to maintain the chemical balance of your pool water, seeing as you’ll be doing it consistently.

To help ensure that you stay happy with your pool’s health, we’ve put together a couple of tips that will keep your pool sparkling and inviting throughout the year.

Good chemistry

No matter how much use your pool sees, it’s always important to ensure that the PH is correct, which helps protect the water from bacteria and algae.

Get rid of that line

An always-open pool can start to develop a water line, especially if it doesn’t see enough use, or the pool equipment doesn’t function as it should. Make sure to clean the water line, as it can also harbour nasty bacteria.

Check your equipment

Speaking of pool equipment, you need to make sure that the equipment responsible for running your pool is in great shape. Faulty equipment can lead to a lot of pool hassles that can be avoided. Speak to us if you are struggling with your pool equipment, or think it’s time for an upgrade.

Brush and vacuum

As always, making sure the pool is clean from daily debris, like falling leaves, will be a constant task, seeing as your pool will be open 24/7 if you live in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Keep at it

Remember that just because your pool is open throughout year, doesn’t mean that you have to do more maintenance than you’re already doing. A weekly or bi-weekly routine is often more than enough, just be sure to keep to your schedule. If you can’t you can always hire a pool cleaning company like Pool Concepts to take care of the hassle for you.