Innovative Pool Lighting Ideas To Improve Your Swimming Pool Area

Customised pool lighting solutions can be used to great effect in creating a unique ambiance around your outdoor entertainment area. You can highlight certain exterior architectural elements and promote the safety of your swimming pool use at night. So give your swimming pool a facelift with creative pool lighting, and then sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular benefits.

Create an aquatic experience with these pool lighting ideas

Lighting systems can consist of single or multiple colours

Produce a beautiful effect with different colour lights placed strategically around the pool, and include lights with reflective qualities for enhanced “WOW”.

Lighting embedded in walls

If you’re looking for the stunning effect of a soft glow over the pool, placing lighting in walls can be used to fantastic effect.

Programmable computerised colour wheel

Take the mood-enhancing benefit of lighting systems a notch further with a computerised colour wheel that is programmed to change colours to create a particular mood. This is a great investment especially if you entertain a lot.

Highlight architectural outdoor elements with purposefully placed lights

Position spot lights advantageously to shine onto trees or splash onto pathways for a sculptural effect. Pedestal and tiered lamps are a good alternative if your environment cannot accommodate concealed lamps.

5 Benefits of strategic pool lighting designs:

  • Improves the safety and visibility around the swimming pool and outdoor environments at night.
  • Heightens special water effects: fountains and bubblers.
  • Emphasizes architectural elements – swimming pool and outdoor features.
  • Creates an aura of mystery and drama and enhances mood.
  • Lengthens the use of swimming and pool time.

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