Swimming Pool Design Trends we’ll see in 2018

It’s a new year, a new start and a whole new range of swimming pool design trends to look forward to. Whether you’re looking at building a pool from scratch or making renovations and improvements on an existing pool in Durban or anywhere else, these fresh new designs and ideas should give you plenty inspiration.

Indoor Pools

Swimming pools don’t always need to be way down in the bottom of the garden. Properties are becoming smaller so we’re seeing pools moved closer to the home. Pools at the back patio, separated from the house by just a pair of sliding doors, are becoming increasingly popular as are pools in the actual house- in a sun room or courtyard. Of course these pools are usually smaller in size, compared to the old-school full size pools in the backyard, but it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be used more often.


Say goodbye to bright blue pools and say hello to monochrome ones! We’re not sure if it has anything to do with the book but shades of grey are all the rage at the moment and they look as if they’re here to stay. Grey, black and white pools have an immediate sophisticated feel and are the perfect accent to a modern home. If you can’t imagine life without a blue pool, perhaps try a darker blue such as navy to stay ahead of the game.

Incorporated Technology

Smart homes are fast becoming the next big thing, so why not smart pools? There are many ways to incorporate smart technologies into the design of your pool so that you can control the lighting and temperature with just the click of a remote or even the snap of a finger. Pools’ cleaning and ph systems can now also be linked as an app on your smart phone. We are truly living in the future!

Pool with a View

What’s better than kicking back with a cocktail in the pool as you gaze upon a stunning view. Pools in Durban have some massive view opportunities because of the stunning surroundings and coastal location. Pools being built on second stories as well as roof tops are a popular choice as you get that extra elevation that often comes with a view, even if it is just of your own garden.

Geometric Shapes

Kidney bean pools are a thing of the past (good riddance), as more and more pool owners embrace good old square and rectangular shaped pools. The crisp, sharp lines add aesthetic appeal and match most home designs. Pool depths have also become more geometric, with intense drop offs being more popular than a gradual incline from deep to shallow.

Pool Concepts is on top of all the latest swimming pool trends and can advise how best to incorporate these trends into your swimming pool in Durban. If you’re building a pool from scratch, all the better as it can be custom made for you and your unique taste. A swimming pool is one of the best accessories to have in Durban as we have summer all year round!