The Most Entertaining Games you can Play in the Swimming Pool

The swimming pool- the playground of every Durban household (that has one, of course). There’s nothing better than long, lazy afternoons spent with family and friends in the pool. While splashing about is always fun, why not mix things up with a few family-friendly games?

Here are our top picks of entertaining games you can play in and around the swimming pool. Enjoy!

Throw and Go

What you’ll need: As many sinkable objects as you like.

Number of people: 3 or more

This game is simple and can lead to hours of entertainment. You can use everyday objects (that sink) such as coins, cutlery, plastic bottles etc. One person will need to throw them all into the pool, while the others aren’t looking. Once all the objects are settled on the bottom of the pool, the players will need to try and recover as many as possible. The person with the most items at the end wins! You can make things more interesting by allocating different point amounts to different items.


What you’ll need: no extras needed

Number of people: 3 or more

This is the underwater version of stuck-in-the-mud. One person is ‘on’ and they need to ‘freeze’ other people by touching them. Once frozen, a player needs to stay frozen in place but other players can ‘unfreeze’ them by swimming through their legs. Once all players are frozen in place, the person who was on can choose someone else to take their place and the game continues.


What you’ll need: enthusiasm!

Number of people: One or more

Get the whole family involved by swimming along the sides of the pool in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction (choose one). This eventually creates a whirlpool effect in which you can float in your man made current. Once you have a steady flow going, try going in the other direction. This game works most effectively in small pools and the more people the better!

Pool Volleyball

What you’ll need: Volleyball net and ball

Number of people: Two or more

Practice your serving and spiking in a game of pool volleyball. The rules work in the same way as usual volleyball but the pool adds that extra bit of excitement. The outer edges of the pool should create the boundary lines. Make sure that teams swap sides at the end of every set to keep things fair, especially if one team is playing in the deep end while the other is in the shallow end. You can use a usual volley ball net or you can buy one specifically for the pool.

If your pool is looking a little worse for wear and not quite in family game playing shape, don’t hesitate to get hold of Pool Concepts for all your pool repair needs in Durban. If you don’t have a swimming pool to start with, Pool Concepts can design and build you a brand new pool for all your family poolside fun.